Want To Buy Cobalt 202CS or 203CS

I got this note from Jerry, an avid user of our site. I personally always wanted one of these rare Cobalt inboard boats. Jerry writes and asks:

It is now 3 years without a boat, and this is much too long for me.

I have narrowed my focus on either a Cobalt 202CS or 203CS, which were only built during 1998 and 1999.  The total production run for both models during those two years was only 96 units, so not too many exist.  The “CS” stood for Competition Skiier”, and was Cobalt’s attempt to enter the tournament ski boat market, but quickly realized that the effort agains Mastercraft, Correct Craft, etc. was not worth it, and dropped the line to focus on other models.

Anyhow, what is the procedure for putting in a request on the website to find an owner with one of these models who might be interested in selling?  Let me know.
Thanks, Jerry

Please contact Jerry on jlhalderson@gmail.com.