Cobalt 230 – Live the Dream

Space is where one finds it, as the new Cobalt 230 makes all best use of every inch of room — over, under, sideways, and aft with four additional, longitudinal inches in the bow and ten inches in the cockpit. And, in keeping with its size and spaciousness, this boat has an especially large heart, with the addition to the options list of big-block engines and an accompanying 10-gallon bump in fuel capacity.

The high-horsepower stuff aside, the 230 concentrates on the details, the niceties that subtly extend a boats enjoyment: the extra room to stretch in the cockpit and bow, naturally, but also more cupholders, underseat storage, new piping on the upholstery, beefed-up engine venting, and other such particulars of evolutionary Cobalt design.

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